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Changes can be terrifying. But also incredibly interesting when you create flexible work environments in which individuals and teams discover their missions and achieve their potential. Get to know the competitive advantage of this new way of thinking. Start your revolution – Switch to eleven.

Let us help you make the switch.


  • The basics of agile methods
  • The basics of workshop facilitation
  • Business modelling
  • The Scrum method
  • Formulating goals and defining objectives and key results (OKRs)
  • The Sprint design: The Sprint product and strategy
  • The Sprint design for facilitators

We listen.
We advise.
We inspire.

Equipped with modern tools, we lead companies from traditional thinking and working to a more progressive way. Together, we shape the culture and help you build better conditions in the working environment for everyone.


Facilitating workshops

SWITCH TO ELEVEN workshops are more effective and democratic, and are based on knowledge from both psychology and neuroscience. They are cleverly structured and adapted to your specific challenges, making it possible to generate a great number of ideas and come to as many concrete decisions as possible in a short period of time. All participants have a voice, and the same right to their opinion.odločitev. Vsi udeleženci imajo glas, enako pravico do mnenja in do post-it listkov.

The implementation of agile marketing

SWITCH TO ELEVEN is a pioneer in the promotion of agile marketing with a strategic role in progressive companies, enthusiastically introducing Scrum or Kanban project management methods into marketing departments. With the aid of such agile methods, we bring some fresh air into the usual kinds of work and meetings, which then brings mutual cooperation up to eleven.

Transformation into a progressive and agile company

SWITCH TO ELEVEN is a specialist in the customised transformation of every company. Our focus is satisfied employees and their autonomy, without the need for a typical boss. Together, we prepare a plan, set measurable goals, and then gradually introduce proven practices. We loosen hierarchical structures into networks of multidisciplinary self-managed teams, bring transparency into decision-making and management, and create favourable conditions for experimentation.

The introduction of self managed teams

At SWITCH TO ELEVEN, we are creating environments which support and release the potential of employees; at the same time, we help make work more meaningful and fulfilling. With a range of approaches, we ensure psychological safety within teams, and transform managers into facilitators for the successful creation of the kinds of autonomous teams that do not have to precisely determine in advance who will do what. Together, we create the conditions in which all stakeholders approach their work independently, and with passion.

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About us

A team of rebels with a cause.

SWITCH TO ELEVEN is a consulting studio that strives for the implementation of agility in a strategic way. We help companies and organisations of all shapes and sizes discover new ways of working and leading which are adapted to their current needs and ambitions.


We work together with you to build systems which are: focused on people, based on good communication, and transparent. Creating an encouraging environment in which individuals can truly flourish is what we love to do most.


We are not burdened by the old ways of doing things, which no longer work, because we never believed in them anyway. In every industry we have had the opportunity to work with, we saw our role in the creation of small revolutions. That’s just the way we are.


We are pioneers in agile marketing. We know every tool which is currently making the rounds; every technique, and every mechanism. In our work, we use the knowledge and tools of both psychology and neuroscience. But for you we always carefully select that which precisely fits the needs of your particular situation.


We believe in knowledge, research, and the power of books. Naturally, we don’t blindly follow everything we read. We like to place ourselves in new roles and in front of new challenges while also putting our beliefs to the test. We believe that there is always an opportunity for growth – if your organisation makes that possible.

Jaka Kladnik

Based in the middle of Europe, available worldwide.

Certified self-management and progressive organisations expert | Scrum Master | Business model designer | Specialist for implementing new ways of working in a systemic way

Nina Pozderec

Based in the middle of Europe, available worldwide.

Psychologist | Certified self-management and progressive organisations expert | Scrum Master | Workshop facilitator | Certified Design Sprint facilitator | Specialist for implementing new ways of working in a systemic way

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