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Become the leader of tomorrow by learning how to transform your marketing team and attract top talent, scale engagement and unleash creativity.

About the masterclass

The Progressive Marketing Masterclass equips you with insights and techniques to reorganise your marketing department or agency, imprint new ways of working and give your co-workers more autonomy, responsibility, creativity and overall flow.

Nina & Jaka


3 months




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Ready to switch from traditional to progressive ways of working?

Meet your hosts

Hi, I'm Jaka

A digital marketing expert on a mission to make marketing an agile and strategic part of company’s success.

A corporate rebel, I guide business towards becoming progressive organisations by implementing new ways of working.

Marketing should be perceived as strategic function and adopt agile methods of working. Don’t be afraid of change, change is the future.

Hi, I'm Nina

A psychologist by profession, a workshoper by nature, an overall agile & self-management expert

I help teams and companies implement new ways of working to create a more human-centric, diverse, autonomous, creative and collaborative environment.

Workshops are an essential tool for bringing our collaboration and creativity to a whole new level. And Miro is my favorite tool.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Module 1: Why Marketing Needs to Change

In this module, we’ll take a deep dive into the world of contemporary marketing and explore why it needs to change. We’ll discuss how traditional marketing methods are becoming outdated and how embracing new techniques & new ways of working can help you stay ahead of the game and become a trendsetter!

Module 2: How to Manage the Transition & Accept Change

This module is all about helping your team transition to a more progressive marketing approach. We’ll cover techniques for managing change and adopting new ways of working. You will get to know the 5 horsemen of change & how to properly address them. We will talk about the most common mistakes leaders make when implementing change & how to do it differently. We’ll also provide tips for keeping your team motivated and engaged throughout the process.

Module 3: Psychological Safety

Psychological safety is crucial in advanced teamwork & high performing team, and this module will provide insights on how to cultivate it within your team. We’ll discuss why psychological safety is important and explore ways to build trust, respect and open communication among team members. You will get insight into the neuroscience of psychological safety, cognitive biases & social influences. And of course concrete tips you can use the next day in order to start building psychological safety in your team in a systemic way.

Module 4: Establishing Cross-Functional Teams and Role-Based Leadership

In this module, we’ll explore the importance of cross-functional teams and how they can help you achieve your marketing goals. We’ll also delve into the concept of role-based leadership and provide techniques for implementing it within your team. You will also learn about how roles are different than titles, why we are trying to move away from titles & how you can use this knowledge to design jobs outside of established norms.

Module 5: Business Rhythm and Information Flow

In this module, we’ll discuss the concept of business rhythm and how to establish your own rhythm to help your team achieve peak performance. We’ll also cover techniques for creating an efficient and effective information flow that supports your team’s goals. One topic that we will cover here is transparency of information and different ways of enabling your team members to stay connected & informed.

Module 6: Conflict Resolution and Feedback

Giving & receiving feedback is one of the key ingredients to our progress. We will learn when we talk about feedback, get to know three techniques for giving feedback & discussed how we can receive feedback, using techniques such as active listening or paraphrasing. This module will also provide techniques for resolving conflicts within your team. We’ll explore how to handle difficult conversations and provide tips for promoting a positive team culture.

Module 7: Using Kanban or Scrum in Your Process

This module is all about agile project management techniques like Kanban and Scrum. We’ll explain the benefits of using these methodologies and provide tips for implementing them within your marketing process. We will also share concrete examples of companies using agile approaches and discuss how you can adapt it to serve your own team.

Module 8: Key Facilitation Skills

In this module, we’ll cover the important skill of facilitation and how it can help you lead more effective meetings and workshops. Facilitation is so much more than just taking an exercise & giving instruction. It can be a platform for transparency, fairness & creativity. We’ll provide techniques for designing and conducting workshops that engage your team and produce meaningful outcomes while managing cognitive biases & social influences of the group.

Module 9: Fair Reward System

This module is all about designing a fair reward system for your team. We’ll explore different techniques for incentivizing and rewarding team members, and discuss how to establish a system that promotes teamwork and collaboration. We will also get to know concrete companies and their reward systems & discuss how we can bring it closer to your team.

Module 10: Celebration Day

In this final module, we’ll celebrate all that you’ve accomplished throughout the masterclass. We’ll review your work, in which you will present key concepts and techniques that you used and discuss future commitments to keep the momentum going.

Module 11: From Theory to Practice

This live session will provide an opportunity to see a fully progressive marketing department in action. We’ll take a look at how these concepts and techniques are applied in real-world marketing situations and provide tips for integrating them into your own marketing process.

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Ready to switch from traditional to progressive ways of working?

Frequently asked questions

The Progressive Marketing Masterclass is an intense class based on an approach that has been recognised by independent agile experts which will propel you to new ways of working.

This Masterclass is designed for advanced thinkers and ambitious marketing leaders, CMOs, Digital marketing managers, CEOs, COOs of an agency, team leads in an agency, and those who just know that the management process needs a pivotal change.

The Masterclasses will occur every two weeks (like short sprints). In the first week we’ll go over a module about a specific topic. In the second week those running the programme will share their experiences, opinions and, if needed, provide guidance.

Each weekly session consists of two hours of live workshops via Zoom, and this is combined with liberating structures techniques.

Apart from the three months of live training, you’ll get unlimited access to materials, workshops, and one-on-one mentorship during and after the masterclass.

You can join Masterclass on any internet-enabled device and using any popular browser.

There are suggested exercises to practice the skills being taught, but no assignments are required.

You can access and review the masterclass materials at any time. You can also interact with the community of other members and encourage each other to practise the principles you have learned.