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Marketing agency knew they needed to change the way they worked. We empowered them to go from silos and gatekeepers to autonomous, connected teams, that are working for the same goal.

After a year of hard work, dedication, and teamwork was selected among top finalist for the Agile Business Award for business agility by Agile Business Consortium reviewers, next to giants like bp, Capgemini, Elavon Europe, RHB Banking Group, Vodafone, Saba Group. We could not be prouder!

The amazing journey


Approaches we implemented:

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Bold group transformation was recognised by 25 independent agile experts and given the Excellence award for Business Agility.

What employees say about the transformation

I just have to say, Jaka and Nina from Switchto11 are absolutely amazing! Thanks to their help and guidance, our company has completely transformed into an agile organization that’s ready to take on anything. These two are real pros when it comes to agile methodologies, and their enthusiasm for what they do is contagious. They worked tirelessly to train our teams and help us streamline our processes, and they never hesitated to go the extra mile to make sure we succeeded. Jaka and Nina are more than just consultants – they’re mentors who truly care about our success. I can’t recommend them enough. If you’re looking for agile consultants who are passionate, knowledgeable and dedicated, look no further than Switchto11. Thanks again, Jaka and Nina!
Picture of Rok Zajc

Rok Zajc

Partner in direktor,

A massive shout-out to Jaka and Nina, our business transformation superheroes! A year ago, I really didn’t believe in their agile system idea. But now, I’ve gladly swallowed my pride and am celebrating our shared success. Transforming from silos to an agile system was no walk in the park, but Jaka and Nina were with us every step of the way. They weren’t just our compass; they were our guardian angels/devils, helping us make tough calls and thrive. We’ve fallen and risen together, and now we’re among the top 11 agile businesses globally. Impressive, right? But the cherry on top? Our team’s exponential growth in confidence and efficiency. With Jaka and Nina’s guidance and our relentless determination, we’re a well-oiled, confident machine getting better week by week. So, here’s to our dynamic duo and the exciting future ahead of us.
Picture of Benjamin Hrkič

Benjamin Hrkič

The work with Nina and Jaka is a game-changer for anyone who wants to switch from classical principles to agile ones. And I don’t just mean learning about work processes – that can be found in any textbook. Nina and Jaka led our team to a crucial “switch” in terms of improved communication, trust, and collaboration, which are the foundations of a positive and productive work environment. And precisely because of this encouraging environment, we will always be one step ahead of others.
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Sara Mekinc

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