From old-school structures to modern ways of working

Equipped with modern tools, we lead companies from traditional thinking and working to a more progressive way. Together, we shape the culture and help you build better conditions in the working environment for everyone.

What we do

Coaching and Organisational design

SWITCH TO ELEVEN equips you with a profound understanding of what a progressive organisation needs. With you on our side we redesign your organisation as a customer-centric experience.

Business transformation

SWITCH TO ELEVEN is an agile specialist. Agile approaches let you create a sustainable business rhythm, where mission based teams put customer needs and expectations in the center of their work.

Workshop facilitations

SWITCH TO ELEVEN takes meetings and transforms them into workshops that boost collaboration and creativity. Our facilitation skills are acknowledged by the Miro platform.

Agile rituals

SWITCH TO ELEVEN transforms organisations by implementing new ways of working, making agile the core methods of work.

How we do it

Exploring phase

Reimagining phase

Reimagining phase

Our advisory board of progressive organisation experts



Transformation architect and 
co-creator of Teal Around The World

Helping great leaders implement beyond BS Transformation through Agility and Teal


Erik Korsvik Østergaard

Leadership advisor and 
management consultant

Exploring and evaluating the possible Futures of Work



Transformation and 
turnaround executive

Helping people find agile and harmonious ways of relating to others in organisations